Greenhouses You Should Have Bought

Greenhouses You Should Have Bought
Greenhouses You Should Have Bought

Sorry-not-sorry to say ‘told you so’

This time of year, gardeners are miserable. The only green things they see are in gardening catalogs, and actual fingers-dirty gardening is easily weeks away.

We’ve said it in the past, but we’re not saying it here: You should have bought that greenhouse. (Well, maybe we did just say that after all.)

With a greenhouse, you can often still be harvesting greens even in winter months like this one. Plus, any flowering plants you were proud of all last season can still be viable. Some may even be blooming right now.

Add to that the ability to start practically all your plants earlier inside the greenhouse means that garden goods and flowers will be that much farther along when it’s time for transplanting.

So let’s take a look at some of the greenhouses you should have bought.

Texas Greenhouses

American Hobby greenhouse

In business since 1948, Texas Greenhouses’ American Hobby Greenhouse is available in either curved or straight eave design. Available glazing choices are tempered glass, annealed glass, or polycarbonate. The American Hobby Greenhouse comes in six-, eight-, nine, or 10-foot wide versions.

The greenhouse frame is based on sturdy aluminum extrusions, and hot-dipped galvanized sub-frame with your choice of rounded end walls, vestibule entries, raised perimeter foundations. Full-length attached benches and shelves are standard.

Options include full-length automated ridge vents, fully automated environmental control, and a unique roll-up aluminum shading system. Factory-direct installation is available.

Texas Greenhouse Company


Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Gothic Arch

The Gothic arch is one of the strongest designs known. Framing is sturdy baldcypress wood offering greater insulating capability than metal and it resists water and insect damage. The Gothic arch design not only resists snow accumulation, but gathers more sunlight, and encourages condensation runoff inside.

Covering options are corrugated polycarbonate, eight millimeter twin-wall polycarbonate, and eight millimeter triple-wall polycarbonate. Optional accessories include heating, circulation fans, ventilation, shading, mist irrigation, controls for evaporative coolers, benches, hanging basket systems, and a solar powered roof vent.

The greenhouse can be installed directly on the ground, or placed on a foundation. A variety of sizes are available, with 12-by-12 feet the most popular.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses


MI Green House

In the world of backyard greenhouses, this manufacturer’s offering can’t get much easier in terms of assembly—there isn’t any! MI Green Houses’ Simply Solar structures come as a single, one-piece unit delivered to your site.

They have three sizes: eight-foot, 15-foot, and a customizable 30-foot model. Unique to greenhouses is their automatic venting system that uses beeswax. As temperature inside the greenhouse rises, the beeswax cylinders expand, automatically opening vents. The Gothic design adds strength and durability and is especially effective shedding snow and ice.

MI Green House



Trillium Greenhouse

Available in 7-by-7 and 7-by-9 sizes, the Trillium has a small greenhouse footprint with ample greenhouse height (over eight feet at peak), providing vertical space for hanging plants and shelves.

The Trillium is made with a laminated redwood frame using all clear heart redwood for superior durability and rot resistance. Sturdi-built’s exclusive Thermal Option (double glazing) is available for extra energy efficiency.

Accessory packages include: two double-tier, 24-inch wide full length, all-wood benches, two sidewall shelves, plant hanging bar, oscillating fan, 120-volt electric heater with remote heavy duty thermostat, min/max thermometer, and automatic roof vent opener.



Hartley Botanic

Historic expertise, made to order

Founded more than 80 years ago in the UK—where greenhouses are integral to gardening—Hartley Botanic has earned an unrivaled reputation for crafting the finest Glasshouses and Greenhouses money can buy through the highest standards of hard-won experience, craftsmanship, and service.

Hartley Botanic combines modern advances in design, engineering and technology with old fashioned values and techniques. Despite using cutting-edge machinery in its Greenfield factory, all Hartley Botanic Greenhouses are still “handmade,” being assembled entirely by hand with precision parts still being made using traditional, hand-operated equipment.

A 30 year lifetime guarantee covers both the structure and installation.

Hartley Botanic


A RIGA greenhouse for year-round growing

Designed and engineered in Germany to meet European quality standards, a RIGA Greenhouse offers the perfect growing environment even in the coldest days of winter.

The standard RIGA has a heavy-duty frame with 8mm and 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate walls, while the professional level RIGA XL boasts thicker profiles with 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate for superior insulation throughout the winter. The thick, UV-coated polycarbonate glazing also provides diffused sunlight to protect plants during hot summers. Automatic roof vents, a wide front Dutch-style door and a rear window provide increased ventilation.

An optional in-ground concrete-free foundation frame is available. Greenhouses are available in many sizes from 7’8” wide by 7’ long to 9’8” by 17’6”. The larger 14’ wide RIGA XL Greenhouses come in lengths from 16’5” to 29’6”. RIGA Greenhouse kits are available from, 877-760-8500.

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