Worsening Winter Woes

Worsening Winter Woes
Worsening Winter Woes

Climate change can bring more snow. How will you move it?

It sounds counter-intuitive, but climate change means not just hotter, drier summers like we’ve been having…but MORE SNOW in the winter! Yes, really.

Climate scientists at he EPA and other agencies point out that our periods of drought mean when it does rain or snow, we’ll get lots of it—often, more than what has been the case in the past.

Warmer temperatures puts more moisture into the atmosphere. Many areas that had at least some snow have now become drier. Where it typically does snow, there are fewer precipitation events—but when it does come, it’s much heavier.

For three seasons, that means more isolated heavy rain, but more heavy snow in the winter.

Your own backyard

In terms of day-to-day weather, winter can go two ways, dry or moist. Places that could count on a dusting or maybe an ice storm or two may see nothing. Or they will get plenty of wet, heavy snow.

And that means areas where they count on snowfall can go the same way—but when they get precipitation in the form of snow, it could mean many inches more than “normal.”

So if you stocked up on a snowblower or picked up a plow last spring, good for you.

But if you are hoping your area will miss snowfall this winter—and history will likely prove you wrong—now is the time to begin looking at ways to clear snow from your drive with your tractor, UTV, or SUV/pickup.

What gets the most cleared in the least time? You guessed it: A snowplow.

Put a Blade Out Front

Six snowplows to get you through the winter


TRAILBLAZER Heavy-Duty UTV V-Blade Plow

Get more use out of your utility vehicle with the FISHER TRAILBLAZER HD UTV V-plow. With a 6’-wide powder coated steel flared moldboard, it’s engineered to fit a wide variety of full-sized UTVs and handle the same demands as their commercial work truck plows. The TRAILBLAZER HD UTV plow features an easy-on/easy-off UTV mounting system, removable receiver brackets, and independent trip-edge protection to get over bumps and hidden obstacles whether in V, scoop or straight blade configuration. Double-acting cylinders allow operators to hold the wings firmly in place for clean, efficient back dragging.

Fisher Engineering



Mid-Duty UTV Straight Blade Snowplow

All-new SnowEx Mid-Duty UTV straight blade plows—constructed from high-strength, low-alloy steel components—are purpose-built with professional-grade features for mid-sized, crossover and sport UTVs. Available in blade widths of 5'6" and 6', they’re the ideal size for sidewalk cleanup. The patent-pending Sway-Frame design allows the blade to shift side-to-side, aligning the blade with the wheel track to keep it in the optimal position to maximize cleanup while also preventing hard-packed snow. Position the plow left, right, up, down, or float from inside the cab with fully hydraulic operation.

SnowEx Products



UltraMount 2 Tractor Attachment Kit

Improve your tractor’s plow efficiency with the WESTERN UltraMount 2 tractor attachment kits. Designed for easy installation onto a wide range of tractor models, these kits allow you to attach WESTERN heavy-duty straight blades, v-plows and winged plows to compact tractors, providing increased efficiency and versatility.

Western Products



High Capacity V-Plow

Hiniker’s High Capacity V-plow breaks up hard-packed snow and ice, and stacks snow higher than ever before. The tall center and 10 foot width allows for larger carrying capacity in the scoop position. Air deflectors direct cooling air to the truck radiator to prevent overheating. LED Blaze Bar headlights with SmartHeat technology automatically de-ice the surface of the lens during cold and snowy conditions.

Hiniker Company





The HomePlow by Meyer is perfect for homeowners needing to remove snow from a long driveway, but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it. HomePlow quickly attaches to your SUV or light pickup. It features Quick-Link, an easy-to-use mounting system that slides into a Class 3, 2-inch front receiver hitch, sold separately. This allows you to attach/detach the plow in under a minute without tools. Many HomePlow models angle without any power-supplied help. Auto-Angling allows the blade to angle left or right when it encounters the weight of the snow on one side, or a full hydraulic option is available.

Meyer Products LLC





Built specifically for half-ton pickup trucks, the HTX plow offers the same features as BOSS full-size straight-blade and V-plows. The HTX line offers a strong, durable push frame and quadrant to clean up driveways and small business parking lots with a light-duty vehicle. Full Moldboard Trip Design helps prevent plow damage; optimized hydraulics streamline function and reliability of V-plows using fewer valves and hoses and fewer cycles on your electrical system; SmartLight3 LED Headlight System uses DOT-compliant 100% LED lights and helps prevent snow and ice build-up.

OSS Products



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