Lawn and yard vacuums clear the path

Lawn and yard vacuums clear the path
Lawn and yard vacuums clear the path

A sturdy timber stand blesses you with shade all summer, but afterward comes fall leaf work—raking them all from your lawn is the definition of “chore.”
Fortunately, lawn and yard vacuums make short work of this, and if you have a riding mower, small tractor or UTV, you ought to be looking at them.

The benefits are evident:
• More horsepower powering the vac equals more suck
• A larger hopper means fewer stops
• You get to ride while removing leaves

So take a look at these models.

Model 854 PTO

This vac model is powered by your tractor’s PTO, and can accommodate front or mid-driven mowers. The unit mounts on a CAT 1 three-point hitch. The gear box is coupled to the turbine assembly with a variable speed belt drive. Large diameter eight-inch intake and exhaust hoses assure clear suction. Trac-Vac also manufactures several self-powered models from 6.5 to 16 horsepower, and capacities from eight to 50 cubic feet.

Midwest Equipment Manufacturing

DR Power
PRO 321

This model holds 321 gallons of lawn debris—that’s 43 cubic feet, making for a longer time before unloading. The easy-opening clamshell collector box has a steep 60-degree dump angle for fast and thorough cleanout. A 9.2 hp electric-start engine, in combination with the massive Shark-Teeth impeller and large 8-inch hose, creates tremendous airflow to prevent clogs. Plus, collected materials including twigs are pulverized in the impeller, reducing their volume.

DR Power Equipment

RV602 Vacuum Collection System

With all-steel construction, a high-lift hydraulic lift and dump, and an electric start engine, Ventrac’s vac quickly and easily makes short work of yard debris. Power comes from a 10 hp Vanguard engine. The large diameter hose disconnects for suction around trees and beds. The collection bin can be raised up to five feet to unload contents into a bin or trailer. Comes with caster wheels and storage stands.

Ventrac by Venture Products, Inc

Hard Top Mow-N-Vac 55188

Put your riding mower to work with the Hard Top Mow-N-Vac from Agri-Fab. Versatile deck adapter fits most popular tractor mower decks. Durable vented hard top design reduces airborne dust. An additional hose kit allows you to reach around shrubs and trees. The generous 32 cubic foot hopper tilts for easy cleanout.

Agri-Fab Inc.

Cyclone Rake

The Cyclone Rake Z-10 was engineered for large property clean-up jobs. With power coming from a 10 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, the Super-Flow Miracle Impeller, and the 10-inch diameter JetPath Vacuum System, this Cyclone Leaf Rake offers a short, straighter pathway to avoid clogs. With 415 gallons of capacity, the collector tilts for effortless dumping.The entire collector unit folds up flat to hang on the wall.

Cyclone Rake

30X Convertible

Designed to work with practically any lawn and garden tractor or mower—including Zero-Turn Radius mowers— PECO’s 30X Convertible also converts into a dump trailer when needed. Power comes from either Briggs & Stratton 900 Series or 6.5 hp Vanguard gas engines. Universal boot fits virtually any mower deck. The hopper’s 30 cu/ft capacity equals 24 bushels of leaves. Bed tilts 45 degrees for easy debris removal.

PECO, Inc.

Rather walk?

The powerful Little Wonder Pro Vac SP is self propelled and is able to get into tighter locations than many pull-behinds. It features the industry’s largest collector bag—74 gallons—and the front swivel wheels make clearing litter, leaves, and yard debris effortless. Backed by a two-year warranty.

Little Wonder

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