Equipment and Tools for the New Acreage Owner

Equipment and Tools for the New Acreage Owner
Equipment and Tools for the New Acreage Owner

5 equipment pieces to make your life better

All over the country, people have discovered, well, the country. Small towns in the U.S. are seeing new residents, and rural landowners are encountering new neighbors.

If you are reading this and are new to rural life, you’re gonna want to pay attention: there is some equipment you need to get the most out of your acreage life.

You’ll want a garden, right? How will you till it? That long, beautiful driveway—how will you maintain it? The beautiful lawn—how will you mow it?

Having the right tools will make your life in the country easier than you ever thought possible, primarily because they are so versatile, but made specifically for the tasks you’ll face.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need:

Utility Tractor

Just like the opening sequence of the old “Green Acres” television show, with actor Eddie Albert seated on an old tractor in a suit and tie, farm chores are made easier by a tractor.

A compact tractor (with around 25 to 50 hp) or a smaller-but still-brawny subcompact tractor (usually 20 to 25 hp) offer versatility, maneuverability, and user-friendliness that your great grandpa only dreamed of. Many come equipped with front loaders and backhoes, each capable of lifting hundreds of pounds.

New this year, Mahindra’s new 5100 series tractors practically define the utility tractor segment, with either 45 or 55 turbocharged horsepower. Neither requires special exhaust fluid or particulate filters.

Mahindra’s 5100 tractors have a 12-speed transmission and standard 4WD. A comfortable seat, tilt power steering, and a flat platform highlight the operator’s station.

Their front loader lifts to a height of more than 10 feet, and and optional backhoe attachment has a nine-foot reach and delivers almost two tons of force.

Mahindra Ag North America


Attachments and implements galore

Speaking of attachments, both sizes of tractors often have plenty of tools available from the manufacturer or independent suppliers to maximize utility.

One acreage owner found himself constantly returning to his shop for tools he needed in the yard…so he invented a tool carrier like no other.

Tim Descoteaux created BigToolRack to carry needed tools with him. Fence repair needs one set of tools, spot seeding around the yard needs different tools, and splitting firewood needs yet another set. BigToolRack lets you load up what you need and go!

BigToolRack easily attaches to your tractor’s 3-point hitch and still gives you the ability to tow a trailer at the same time.

BigToolRack’s heavy-duty steel construction handles payloads up to 600 pounds, and is built for a lifetime of work.




The acronym UTV, a “Utility Task Vehicle” in most circles, explains their popularity. They are a modern combination of packhorse, mule, and mountain goat.

These side-by-side vehicles are maybe the handiest tool to have on your acreage. Four-wheel drive, low center of gravity, and seating for up to six or more, and a rear bed—many with a handy dump option—means they are designed to move you and all your equipment to where they need to be and back again.

Tillers/Garden Tools

Having a country acreage means lots of maintenance, so you’ll need plenty of tools to help out. Consider chain saws for limb and tree cleanup. Chippers for debris. Wood splitters for fireplace logs.

And if you have a garden, you’ll need a tiller for garden prep. A quality tiller can save you from hours—if not days—of backbreaking work. Let’s face it, for easy seed sowing or transplanting, you want to have well tilled-fluffy soil. You won’t get that with shovels and rakes.

Earthquake Outdoor Power Equipment produces a wide range of garden and power tools For example, Earthquake’s Pioneer Dual Direction Rear Tine Tiller is built to do the hard work for you.

  • Dual direction capability makes the Pioneer a sod-to-seed solution for passionate gardeners
  • Steel wheels with airless rubber tires will never go flat, ensuring that your tiller is ready to go when you are
  • Instant reverse allows the Pioneer to go from forwards to backwards with just the pull of a handle
  • A lightweight engine and low center of gravity means the Pioneer tills so smoothly that it can be operated with just one hand.

Earthquake Outdoor Power Equipment


While most tools are gasoline powered, some of the most exciting developments have been in the cordless, battery-powered tool lineup: string trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers, and so on. The latest technology lets you work nearly all day at full power, and recharge in an hour or less.


With all your new acres and expansive front lawn, the fastest and easiest way to keep it looking golf-course ready is with a Zero Turn Radius mower, or ZTR. Lawn and garden tractors—and many subcompact tractors—offer mowing attachments, but if you want real ease when cutting around trees, shrubs, or other obstacles, only a ZTR will do.

Many offer speeds up to 12 miles per hour, which is three times as fast a you walk. More importantly, the operator can zip around obstructions simply by moving the drive levers.

Scag Power Equipment’s impressive Patriot 5DS zero turn rider is designed with the needs of large estate owners in mind. Delivering commercial grade results at an incredible value, the Patriot will exceed your expectations.

The machine’s 52” or61” cutter deck leaves behind a beautiful quality of cut. Its strong hydro-drive system delivers ground speeds of up to 8.5 mph (52” model) or 10 mph (61” model). To keep the operator comfortable, the Patriot features a thick cushioned, adjustable torsion spring suspension seat. Scag mowers feature a 3year / 500hour non commercial or 2year commercial mower warranty.

Scag Power Equipment



The best way to grow a gorgeous garden in the summer…is by starting your flowers and veggies in a greenhouse to get a jump on the seasons. Greenhouses are a beautiful and functional addition to any country property.

Best of all, they can bring bright moments of joy during long winter months—when all is cold and snowy, seeing something growing will warm the heart.

Look for a kit or custom model that fits your needs, but keep in mind things like door height, enough counter space, and solid construction.

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