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Sowing Online Plant Envy

The top 10 Instagrammable plants

Gardeners love their plants—that’s no surprise. But did you know that gardeners love them enough to share their photos with others on Instagram? Yes, it’s a thing.

After all, Instagram seems to be all about envy, so it’s like gardeners are saying, “Check this out! Don’t you wish YOU could grow plants like this?”

That’s “game on” for the green thumb crowd.

Inside, outside, and all around

Gardeners aren’t just photographing their lush flower plantings, they’re bringing the joy inside, too, to share houseplants, cactuses, and cuttings.

Hashtag analysis conducted by Hollywood Hills real estate experts RubyHome established the most common houseplants and succulents on Instagram and analyzed the number of hashtags for both the scientific name of each houseplant and the more commonly used names.

After all, houseplants are an enjoyable way to incorporate life and color into any living space, which is why they are an essential part of creating a calm and zen atmosphere in any home.

The top 5 Instagrammable plants

So, what’s the most Instagrammable houseplant, the one hashtagged most frequently? It’s he Aloe vera plant, taking the top spot in the rankings, and by a wide margin.

With more than five million posts on Instagram from the use of the following hashtags: '#aloebarbadensismiller, '#aloevera', '#aloeveraplant', and ‘#aloeverasucculent’ Aloe takes the top spot.

Specifically, the plant has 5,155,019 combined hashtags on the platform to date. The plant has been a household favorite for centuries due to its medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Agave Americana, otherwise known as Agave, places second with 1,835,178 posts on the platform. Agave plants have a multitude of uses, but their main benefit is that their sap and juices can be used to treat many gut-related issues. Some see it as a more natural alternative to honey and sugar.

The third most Instagrammable plant is the Haworthia plant, an in-home survivor. Scientifically known as Haworthiopsis attenuata, the plant has a total number of 824,048 posts on Instagram. The plant's popularity is due to its ease of care, as it can tolerate many different lighting conditions and can even last long periods in dark spaces.

The fourth most Instagrammable houseplant is sedum, which is also known as stonecrop. The plant is extremely popular among beginning gardeners as its appearance is exceptionally versatile; not only is this a great selling point for the plant, but it can also endure harsh conditions and survive prolonged periods without water. The plant has 704,823 posts in total on Instagram.

In fifth place is Mammillaria, also known as Pincushion Cactus, with a total of 529,729 posts. With only 175,000 fewer posts than the stonecrop plant, the pincushion cactus is popular among cactus lovers because of its small size and ease of care.

Rounding out the Top 10

The Dracaena trifasciata is the sixth most Instagrammable plant, with 513,093 posts. The plant is also nicknamed the snake plant, and it is popular for its interesting skill: the snake plant purifies the air and releases oxygen during nighttime (a trait verified by NASA).

The seventh most Instagrammable houseplant is the Hoya Plant, otherwise known as wax plant. The popularity of the Wax Plant is due to its sweet scent, attractive and lengthily leaves, and pretty floral accents. To date, the plant has 303,440 posts on Instagram, which secured its seventh position.

In eighth place is the Curio rowleyanus plant, also known as String of Pearls. Despite being an extremely delicate plant, String of Pearls is a beautiful addition to almost any plant collection. Similar to many other succulents, the plant is straightforward to maintain and can be grown indoors or outside in more tropical environments. It garnered 233,711 posts on Instagram.

Crassula ovata, also known as the jade plant, ranks ninth by a whisker with 233,151 Instagram posts, just 560 fewer than the String of Pearls. The jade plant is extremely popular, especially in Asia, as it is thought to bring financial luck and prosperity. Its gorgeous vibrant green leaves are another selling point of this plant, making it a beautiful addition to any plant lovers' collection.

The tenth most Instagrammable houseplant belongs to the Schlumbergera bridgesii,otherwise known as the Christmas Cactus. The plant has a total of 189,128 posts on Instagram, which secures its tenth position. It is a colorful, exciting plant which blooms bright pink or lilac flowers in indoor spaces around Christmastime.

The most Instagrammable houseplants:

1: Aloe barbadensis Miller - Aloe Vera - 5,155,019

2: Agave Americana - Agave- 1,835,178

3: Haworthiopsis attenuata - Haworthia - 824,048

4: Sedum - Stonecrop - 704,823

5: Mammillaria - Pincushion Cactus - 529,729

6: Dracaena trifasciata- Snake Plant- 513,093

7: Hoya Plant - Wax Plant - 303,440

8: Curio rowleyanus - String of Pearls - 233,711

9: Crassula ovata - Jade Plant - 233,151

10: Schlumbergera Bridgessii - Christmas Cactus - 189,128

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