Road Safety Reminders for Harvest Season

Road Safety Reminders for Harvest Season
Road Safety Reminders for Harvest Season

As the seasons change and the bounty of the harvest approaches, rural areas come alive with activity as farmers work tirelessly to gather their crops.

Farm harvest season brings with it an increased risk on the roads as large agricultural vehicles, tractors, and trucks move to and from the fields…at all hours of the day. To ensure the safety of all road users during this crucial time, it's essential for both farmers and motorists to be aware of road safety measures.

Here are the top nine things to be mindful of when it comes to harvest safety on the road.

1. Slow moving vehicles
One of the most significant challenges during the farm harvest season is the presence of slow-moving vehicles on the roads. Tractors, combines, and other agricultural machinery often travel at speeds much slower than typical traffic. For motorists encountering these vehicles, patience is key. Keep a safe distance, avoid tailgating, and only pass when it's safe and legal to do so.

2. Proper signage
Farmers should ensure their vehicles are equipped with proper signage, such as slow-moving vehicle (SMV) signs and flashing amber lights. These indicators alert other road users to the presence of slow-moving farm equipment and help prevent accidents.

3. Watch for turns
Farm machinery frequently makes wide turns, which can be unexpected for other drivers. Always be cautious when approaching or following agricultural equipment, as they may turn suddenly without warning. Avoid attempting to overtake them while they are in the process of making a turn.

4. Use appropriate routes
Farmers should plan their routes carefully, using roads that are suitable for their equipment. Avoid high-traffic routes whenever possible, and communicate with local authorities or transportation departments to identify the safest routes for transporting large machinery.

5. Be mindful of children
Many farm families involve their children in the harvest process. Drivers should be especially cautious when passing farms or approaching farm driveways, as children may be present. Slow down and be prepared for unexpected activity around these areas.

6. Load securement
Farmers must ensure that their loads are securely fastened to their vehicles. Loose materials or equipment can pose a significant hazard to both the farmer and other road users. Regularly check load securement to prevent spills and accidents.

7. Nighttime safety
Harvesting often extends into the evening hours due to limited daylight. Ensure that all vehicles are equipped with functioning headlights, taillights, and reflective tape to enhance visibility during nighttime travel. Motorists should be extra vigilant when driving at night, as it may be more challenging to spot slow-moving farm equipment.

8. Communication
Farmers and motorists should maintain open lines of communication. Using two-way radios or hand signals can help coordinate safe passing or turning maneuvers. Clear communication can prevent misunderstandings and reduce the risk of accidents.

9. Adhere to local regulations
Different regions may have specific rules and regulations related to farm equipment on public roads. Farmers should familiarize themselves with these regulations and ensure they are in compliance to avoid fines and accidents.

Patience, please
The farm harvest season is a critical time for agricultural communities, but it also poses increased risks on the roads. By following these road safety reminders, both farmers and motorists can work together to ensure safe travels during this busy period.

Patience, communication, and vigilance are essential for preventing accidents and ensuring that everyone reaches their destinations safely. Remember, road safety is a shared responsibility that benefits us all.

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When not tending to her own 17-acre farm, Michelle Miller aka The Farm Babe is a writer, public speaker, and social media influencer on food and modern agriculture. Learn more about her at

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