Getting the Word Out

Getting the Word Out
Getting the Word Out

8 essential tips on advocating for agriculture on social media

There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to farming. Whether you are talking about animal husbandry and welfare or pesticide usage or GMOs, helping the average person understand in social media where their food comes from is always worthwhile.

Here are some tips to get you rolling.

Don’t be afraid of tough topics!

If you don’t talk about it, who will? People appreciate transparency, so when it comes to pesticide usage, GMOs, animal care, the environment, and other food labels, don’t be afraid to set the record straight.

Relationships matter

Facebook groups are a great way to connect and network. If you wrote a post or article that you’re proud of, share it! Encourage other people to share. Promote someone else and there’s a good chance they’ll return the favor and share your content.

Let them know how much you care

This boils down to trust. By advocating for what you do on the farm, people feel more connected to you as a person first and a farmer second. There are always REAL people are behind their food, fuel, drinks and fiber.

Utilize humor and memes

Infographics and info “snippets” keep it short and sweet! People have short attention spans, so by sharing quick videos, this can be an effective way to get the point across in a fun and interesting manner.

Showcase the good, the bad and the ugly

People always like to “feel” something. Don’t be afraid to open up about struggle or happy, successful days. Did you save your crop from a frost? Why did you have the best harvest ever? And, everyone loves a good baby animal video!

Vary content

Videos have their place and so do silly memes. Articles, fun facts, and personal stories can draw in different types of audiences and keep it interesting, unpredictable, and fun!

Utilize hashtags

Hashtags help people fine your post. #AgVocate is a great one on advocating for agriculture. #FactsNotFear is good for GMOs. #AgTwitter is good to connect on Twitter, and #plant21 or #harvest21 are popular during harvest and planting times.

Be true to yourself

If advocating feels like a real chore, then it probably won’t be any fun. Find what works best for you! Some people really enjoy writing, while others prefer to make videos or quick laughs on TikTok.

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