A Greenhouse For Every Budget

A Greenhouse For Every Budget
A Greenhouse For Every Budget

Have you ever wanted to live in a tropical climate? Ever wondered what it would be like to grow all kinds of plants all year long—without ever having to worry about freezing temperatures?

Inside the protected walls of a greenhouse, it’s never freezing cold—even when there’s snow on the ground, it’s always summer inside. Many gardeners and property owners have installed a greenhouse to grow their favorite plants—especially fruits and vegetables—throughout the year.
An impressive variety of greenhouse styles, sizes and price points is available. Some lightweight greenhouses can be moved from site to site. Some kits can be built with permanent foundations and foundation walls. Professional-quality greenhouses can be constructed onsite.

Here are some greenhouses that can make year-round growing a reality on your property.

No assembly required
In the world of backyard greenhouses, an MI Green House stands unique. There is no assembly required, no electricity needed to operate the solar-powered roof vents, and no maintenance is needed.

Made in central Michigan, MI Green Houses come as a single, one-piece unit delivered to your site. The Gothic design of the roof adds strength and durability, and it’s effective at shedding show and ice. The unique automatic venting system uses beeswax cylinders that naturally expand to open the vents when the temperature inside rises.

Three sizes are available: an 8-foot “Hobby” model, 15-foot standard size and the 28.5-foot “Homesteader” model. Call 989-544-2443 or visit migreenhouse.com for details.

Free-standing for backyard use
Since 1948, Janco has been making high-quality greenhouses for backyard hobbyists and commercial greenhouses for growing cash crops. The traditional single-glazed greenhouse with roof ventilation is the first choice where the climate is mild—grow your favorite plants, flowers, or vegetables in any kind of weather year-round.

Janco free-standing models provide real gardening pleasure, and they offer models to fit the smallest lot or the largest estate.

The Camellia Hobby Grower greenhouse features an attractive arch-shaped mill-finished extruded aluminum frame. The single-pane tempered safety glass stands up to virtually all weather, and the storm door makes access safe and easy. A 16-inch exhaust fan is standard, with an optional ridge vent system to help control the temperature. Measuring about 10 feet 7 inches square, it sells for about $8,000. Other sizes are also available from jancogreenhouse.com.

A gorgeous greenhouse
A distinctive kit greenhouse is the Palram Victory Orangery Chalet Greenhouse. This versatile greenhouse boasts 100 square feet of growing space with high vaulted ceilings for tall growing plants and vines.
The weather resistant, high-impact polycarbonate panels let 90% of the light in—while blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Two adjustable roof vents and wide double doors give plenty of ventilation to control heat and humidity levels. The doors feature low thresholds and magnetic catches—easy access for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs.

The Palram Victory Orangery Chalet is practically maintenance free. It features a powder-coated charcoal grey aluminum frame and a galvanized steel base for added structural support. This greenhouse kit even has a rain gutter and gutter heads for water collection. This attractive greenhouse kit is available from amazon.com and gardeners.com.

The attractive look of cedar
Cedar is a warm and inviting material that is known for its excellent durability and resistance to insects and pests, so a greenhouse made from cedar is a popular choice.

The Outdoor Living Today kit greenhouse measures 8’ x 12’, and is a functional and pleasing addition to any home or acreage property. This cedar greenhouse is delivered as a kit that requires assembly, but the pieces are all numbered so assembly is easy.

This greenhouse features vents that open automatically when the set temperature is reached—no need to manually open or close the vents as temperature fluctuates. At $5,129 on homedepot.com, this cedar greenhouse kit is more expensive that some less-sturdy greenhouse kits, but the attractive and practical cedar finish is a great choice for property owners wanting a year-round space.

Low-maintenance redwood frame
Redwood is a great choice for greenhouse framing because it is resistant to insects and fungus, is a natural insulator, and it does not require any special treatment to ensure its long life. The Sunshine Redwood Greenhouse features tough, double-wall polycarbonate panels that diffuse light for even plant growth and blocks 98% of harmful UV rays.
This greenhouse kit includes automatic, non-electric vent openers that close automatically. The Dutch door entry is not only attractive, but it also serves as an extra vent when airflow is needed.

The sidewall height is 5’ 9” for all models. Peak height is 8 1/2’ for the 6’ wide models and 10’ for 8’ wide models to provide plenty of room for tall plants. The 45-degree pitched roof captures more light during short winter days and also reduces snow accumulation. Sunshine greenhouses are rated for winds up to 75 mph and snow loads up to 20 lbs. per square foot.

Sunshine Redwood Greenhouse kits are available in a variety of sizes including 6 feet by 8 feet, 6 feet by 12 feet, 8 feet by 12 feet and 8 feet by 16 feet. Available from littlegreenhouse.com.

A tough all-weather greenhouse
Designed and engineered in Germany to meet European standards of quality, a RIGA Greenhouse offers the perfect environment for growing plants all year long—even in the coldest days of winter. The standard RIGA has a heavy-duty frame with 8mm and 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate walls, while the professional level RIGA XL boasts thicker profiles with 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate for superior insulation. The thick, UV-coated polycarbonate glazing also provides diffused sunlight to protect plants during hot summers. Automatic roof vents, a wide front Dutch-style door and a rear window provide ample ventilation.

An optional in-ground foundation frame is available for those who prefer to avoid concrete work. Greenhouses are available in many sizes from 7’8” wide by 7’ long to 9’8” by 17’6”. The larger 14’ wide RIGA XL Greenhouses come in lengths from 16’5” to 29’6”. RIGA Greenhouse kits are available from exaco.com, 877-760-8500.

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