The Mystifying Mystic Onyx

The Mystifying Mystic Onyx
The Mystifying Mystic Onyx

With its rich history and striking physical appearance, the Mystic Onyx breed is sure to capture the attention of chicken enthusiasts.

A ‘new’ history

Mystic Onyx is relatively new and not a recognized breed; they were cross-bred with meat birds and Silkies based on their color and feisty personality.

Originally bred as a meat bird similar to the Asian Blacks, their captivating beauty made them more popular to show-chicken supporters and urban farmers.

Striking appearance

This chicken breed is truly a sight to behold. With its sleek, jet-black feathers and shimmering, iridescent plumage, it stands out from other chicken breeds.

Everything on this chicken is nearly jet black!

Legs, feet, beak, wattles, comb...the whole chicken looks like it was carved from a chunk of polished ebony. Its regal stature and graceful movements only add to its allure.

Often mistaken for the more exotic pure black Ayam Cemani, Mystic Onyx can have red flares or an iridescent sheen in their feathers that shimmer in the sun. Though black is the most common color for Mystic Onyx, they can also throw red or lighter plumage colors.

A social, healthy bird

They are known for charm and charisma—a real sweetheart! These chickens are highly sociable and enjoy the company of both humans and other animals. Curious and intelligent, this breed often displays a mischievous streak, keeping their owners entertained (and on their toes!).

They are energetic, so free roam is absolutely necessary for their health and happiness. Mystic Onyx are not particularly chatty, tending to mumble rather than shriek.

Mystic Onyx are hardy birds who can handle living in a variety of environments. They have relatively small combs so frostbite isn’t an immediate concern. Their black plumage can become a problem in high heat, but these birds are pretty savvy about finding shade.

It is important to provide them with a well-ventilated and clean-living environment to prevent any potential issues.

Egg production

In terms of egg laying, the Mystic Onyx chicken breed is known for its impressive productivity, consistently providing their owners with a steady supply of large, brown eggs.

They are not known to be broody, so consider a more motherly breed if you need a hen to raise some chicks.

About the author

Shelby Stone is a writer when she isn’t busy with her chickens, her horse Percy, Mango the parrot, and the many other animals in her family.

By Shelby Stone

August 24, 2023

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