Wiping Out The Winter Wonderland

Wiping Out The Winter Wonderland
Wiping Out The Winter Wonderland

By Jonathan Reed, Editor

October 17, 2022

Snow removal options for your acreage

Everyone loves a Winter Wonderland for the first few hours—comfy socks, a place by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate while delicate snowflakes glisten outside, coating the landscape with its icy purity.

Then reality sets in and you realize you might actually have to get someplace. That’s when the snow’s gotta go. Time to fire up the snowblower and hook that new snowplow to your 4x4.

If you aren’t yet equipped, here are some snowplows and snowblowers to wipe out that infernal winter wonderland from your driveway and walkway.


2X 30” EFI Snow Blower

The Cub Cadet 2X 30-inch 2 stage snow blower is equipped with IntelliPower Technology and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) to take on up to 23-inches of snow. IntelliPower provides a smooth experience in heavy and wet snow conditions by delivering more power and EFI eliminates the carburetor and fuel-related starting issues even in cold winter weather. Plus, the Cub Cadet 357cc 4-cycle OHV engine and the heavy-duty cast aluminum auger gearbox and steel chute allow the machine to take on what winter has to offer.

Cub Cadet




Toro 60V* Battery Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower

Part of Toro’s Flex-Force Power System line, the Toro 60V* Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower is available in two models, the e24 and e26. With two batteries on board, the e26 clears 30 parked car spaces on one charge. With a third battery port on board, you can easily clear 45 parked car spaces in up to ten inches of snow. Built with long-lasting, heavy-duty steel, both models feature Toro’s innovative Quick Stick chute control to put snow where you want it. The snow blower does not require shear pins and features a hardened gear and auger, plus an anti-clogging system.

The Toro Company




Signature Pro snow blower

Simplicity Signature Pro dual-stage snow blowers are powered by Briggs & Stratton Professional Series OHV engines and feature integrated channel handles and commercial-grade transmissions for reliability and superior performance. A heavy-gauge steel serrated auger cuts through hard-packed snow even in harsh conditions. An electric chute and control pad make rotating the chute easy while Simplicity’s Velocity Throwing System quickly throws snow further compared to other dual stage snow blowers. Convenience features include dual LED headlights and heated hand grips to keep hands warm.

Simplicity div. Briggs & Stratton




EZ-V V-Plow

The FISHER EZ-V V-plow, with trip-edge design, is purpose-built to provide industry-leading features, performance, and efficiency—just like the other V-plows in our lineup—but in a lightweight design that’s ideal for businesses and homeowners using half-ton trucks. Available in powder-coated or stainless steel, the EZ-V V-plow features InstaLock double-acting cylinders and is constructed of high-strength, low alloy steel that makes it stronger and lighter than conventional steel, and the ideal weight for half-ton trucks.

Fisher Engineering



SnowEx Scrape Maxx Down-Force Kits

Unleash your plow’s scraping potential with SnowEx Scrape Maxx Down-Force, now standard on all truck plows. This feature gives you the ability to apply downward force to bust through hard pack and maximize to-the-pavement scraping performance. Scrape Maxx also unlocks commercial-grade, heavy-duty performance from SnowEx Light-Truck and Regular-Duty plows, improving back dragging and overall clearing capabilities without the need to upgrade to a larger vehicle or heavier plow.

SnowEx Products



Western IMPACT Heavy-Duty UTV V-Plow

The WESTERN Heavy-Duty IMPACT professional-grade V-plow is exclusively designed and built to turn your Heavy-Duty UTV or sub-compact tractor into a winter workhorse. The tough, 6-foot wide V-plow can easily adapt to handle 5-foot sidewalks and gates whether in angle, scoop, or V mode. The HD IMPACT V-plow is constructed from high-strength, low-alloy steel components featuring an easy-on/easy-off mounting system, and has removable receiver brackets for exceptional ground clearance. The HD UTV plow also provides trip-edge protection and features Scrape Lock for clean scraping and back dragging.

Western Products




The HomePlow by Meyer is perfect for homeowners that need to remove snow from a long driveway and don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it. HomePlow quickly attaches to your SUV or light pickup. It features Quick-Link, an easy-to-use mounting system that slides into a Class 3, 2-inch front receiver hitch, sold separately. This allows you to attach/detach the plow in under a minute without tools. Many HomePlow models angle without any power-supplied help. Auto-Angling allows the blade to angle left or right when it encounters the weight of the snow on one side, or you can choose a full hydraulic option.

Meyer Products LLC




Series 2 Plow

Sno-Way Series 2 Plows feature their patented ESS plow light connection. Instead of hooking up to a truck’s computer, Sno-Way’s ESS manages LED thermosensitive marker lights, turn signals, high and low beams by tapping into the battery of the truck. When used with Pro Control 2, making changes is easy with one power harness for lights and control—a single system that fits on every truck. Series 2 Package includes: LED thermosensitive heated lights; Pro Control 2 Plus; upgraded hydraulics package; outboard mount stand; Complete Fleet 2-Plug connection system; and ESS-Energy Smart System.

Sno-Way International, Inc.



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