Want a New Tractor?

Want a New Tractor?
Want a New Tractor?

You’ve got land to maintain, and tractors serve as a do-it-all workhorse helping you tackle all types of property maintenance, from planting and mowing in the spring to feeding and maintaining in the winter.

Deciding on the right tractor for your property can feel like a chore, but answering five simple questions can narrow down the field and get you behind the wheel.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Plain and simple: What do you need to do? Consider how much acreage you’re working, how the terrain varies from season to season, and what tasks you need to get done. This will help you zero-in on needed horsepower.

Horsepower directly relates to a tractor’s capabilities, so you’ll want enough power to get the work done.

Based on your acreage and daily tasks, you can decide whether a sub-compact, compact, or utility tractor would best suit your needs.

Typically, folks with five acres or less gravitate toward a sub-compact tractor because they are maneuverable in tight spaces yet perform a variety of maintenance-related tasks. Many can handle harder chores like loader and backhoe work.

Compact tractors tend to best suit operators with varied-terrain properties with up to 20 acres, thanks to a balance of power and agility.

A property with more than 20 acres means you’ll want to consider a utility tractor for its higher horsepower and increased capabilities for precision, adaptability, and durability.

What can you afford?

Weigh the benefits of buying new, versus pre-owned, equipment. Purchasing a used tractor can be easier on your wallet with lower initial costs and reduced insurance premiums.

Anymore, you can research an exact model’s history, read reviews, and even talk to previous owners to get details on the machine’s earlier use and performance over time. Then, talk to your dealer about expected annual maintenance costs. Depending on what you learn, you may decide used is the way to go, especially if you're not considering financing as an option.

Add financing to the mix, and a new tractor might be more aligned with what you’re looking for.

New tractors typically come with financing options. A manufacturer’s warranty the covers certain repairs and maintenance for a specified amount of time or number of hours. This helps reduce unexpected costs (and stress) in the early stages of tractor ownership.

New equipment also tends to have a longer lifespan, with a wider range of options for your exact specifications

What features should you consider?

To cab or not to cab, that is the question. Cabs give operators expanded worktime in every season—from the dead cold of winter or in the sweltering summer—with added comfort and safety. If your work plan for the day has no room for weather, a cab is the way to go.

KIOTI models from 25 hp to 115 hp offer a factory-cab option including heat and A/C, and multiple audio options.

A tractor with four-wheel drive enhances stability and improves traction for loader operations, especially for land with uneven or rough terrain. Four-wheel drive can increase the resale value of your tractor when you sell down the line.

What attachments or implements will you need?

A tractor’s full potential is achieved with implements and attachments, so hone in on what’s needed for your regular chores and ongoing projects.

Loaders and backhoes are true multipurpose attachments for digging or landscaping. If you’ll be mowing, consider the wide range of sizes available and use: Are you trimming your lawn, clipping pastures, or attacking overgrown brush?

Many KIOTI customers use pallet forks to haul loads of materials across their properties. Need to move hay? Don’t forget a bale spear.

Consider what you’ll use on a regular basis and what you would like to have, but won’t need very often. Build a wish list or rent when needed.

Tip: Select loader implements that are quick-attach compatible, for fast and easy removal as needed.

What to look for in a dealer

When selecting a dealer, here are a few things to consider: Location, location, location.

You want a dealer who's convenient for you to visit for maintenance, parts, and after-sale assistance. Your relationship with your dealer is important, both at the purchase and whenever you need something afterward.

Consider the entire life of your tractor. Make sure you are happy with their product lines, ability to support your product, and the relationship you build with the dealer.

A tractor is no small purchase, but with answers to these five questions, you can take the stress and guesswork out of the process and be riding your new tractor in no time.

About the author

Joel Hicks, associate product line manager for KIOTI Tractor. With nearly 20 years’ experience, he works to innovate and expand KIOTI’s tractor equipment lines.

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