Udder Tech, Inc. celebrates 25th anniversary with new color

Udder Tech, Inc. celebrates 25th anniversary with new color
Udder Tech, Inc. celebrates 25th anniversary with new color

When Cheryl Mohn started Udder Tech, Inc. in 1994, she had a vision for a product that would hold up to daily milkings and save steps in the dairy barn. Today, the product offerings include items that keep you clean and dry as well as those that promote efficiency. Udder Tech is celebrating 25 years in business by making one of their most popular products, their waterproof bibbed overalls, available in a new color - purple.
“We are so excited to add purple to our line of adult waterproof bibbed overalls,” says Mohn. “Some of our best ideas over the last 25 years have come from our customers, and that’s exactly how the purple option came to be.”

The waterproof bibbed overalls are perfect to keep you clean and dry on the farm, at the wash rack, doing veterinary work and beyond. The bibbed overalls feature:

• A lightweight, waterproof fabric that can be washed and dried
• A front chest pocket and an inside chest pocket with zipper closure to hold your phone securely
• Six color options: blue, black, pink, green, high visibility and now in purple
“The last two and half decades have been full of changes, but our dedication to quality products for farmers and ranchers hasn’t changed,” says Mohn.

25 years in the making

In 1994, Udder Tech was started when Mohn wanted to reduce the time she spent in the barn milking cows. She developed the Towel Tote™ – a product that carried everything needed to prep cows for milking. It dispenses paper towels and has two loops to carry teat dip cups to increase efficiency.

“When I first had the idea for the Towel Tote™, I made a couple extra and gave them to our neighbors,” says Mohn. “A few looked at them and said, ‘That's a fanny pack. I'm not wearing that.’ But when I went back a few weeks later to pick the totes up, they wouldn't give them back to me.”
Since then, Udder Tech has expanded its product line to include waterproof bibbed overalls, calf blankets, waterproof jackets, milking gear and more.

Customers are a huge influence on Udder Tech's past and future products and will continue to be for decades to come.
“A big part of what we do and what has made us successful is input from our customers,” says Dana Casto, Mohn’s daughter and business manager for Udder Tech. “We want to hear what our customers want and need so we can provide them with the best products and service possible.”
Visit www.uddertechinc.com to order your purple waterproof bibbed overalls or call (888) 438-8683.

Udder Tech, Inc. (www.uddertechinc.com) was founded 25 years ago by a dairy farmer and has deep roots in the dairy industry. It began with a need for efficiency in the barn and has expanded into all aspects of agriculture. Udder Tech’s growth and the popularity of their products comes from listening to their customers and what they say will make their jobs easier, faster and cleaner. Their inspiration comes from their experience, and from their experience comes great gear.

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