Tough and tiny, subcompact tractors can save the day

Tough and tiny, subcompact tractors can save the day
Tough and tiny, subcompact tractors can save the day

Remember the old cartoon character Mighty Mouse? His Saturday morning TV exploits found him saving sweet Pearl Pureheart from evil Oil Can Harry and announcing the rescue with an operatic “Here I come to save the day!”

Graced with power and tons of utility in a small package, subcompact tractors can save the day around your acreage, too. These mighty little tractors—typically around 25 horsepower— are tougher, more rugged, and bring you more hard-working options than the old-school garden tractor your parents might have struggled with.

With so much utility packed into a small footprint, it’s no surprise that subcompact tractors are hot sellers today. Take a look at these exciting models to see how a subcompact can be a hero on your homestead.


Branson Tractors designs their equipment with heavy-duty dependability in mind. The 2400h features cast iron housings, metal hood and fenders in powder-coated finish. Power comes from a 25 hp diesel engine though a two-range hydrostatic drive. Features include hydrostatic steering with two hydraulic pumps, wet disk brakes, and a choice of ag, turf, or industrial tires. A front loader with skid steer attach bucket option is available. A full line of accessories includes a headed cab, mid-mount mower, and front-mount snow blower.
Branson Tractors • 706-290-2500 •


Deere’s 3D Series tractors include the 3025D, which combines simplicity and power in a compact size. Featuring a heavy-duty drivetrain and gear drive transmission, the 3025D is easy to learn and use, thanks to column- and fender-mounted shifters. Equipped with a 25 hp engine, this machine sports great maneuverability and was designed to pull through narrow tracts more efficiently than bigger compact models. Additionally, the 3025D’s hauling capacity is rated at more than two tons. The Category I hitch is compatible with dozens of attachments.
Deere & Company • 866-993-3373 •


LS Tractor’s 24.6 hp MT2E Series enjoy 12 forward, 12 reverse synchro shuttle transmission or a three range, dual pedal, hydrostatic transmission with cruise control. Foldable ROPS, a seat safety switch, seat belt, safety flashers, and a solid fender-mounted hand grip make work more pleasant, while additional comfort features include a cupholder, toolbox, pre-heat starting aid, front-wheel mechanical assist 4WD, and hydraulic position control. Easy-attaching implements include loader, backhoe, and snowblower options. All LS Tractors come with a choice of ag, industrial, or turf tires.
LS Tractor USA • (252) 984-0700 •

KUBOTA BX-80 Series

Kubota’s BX80-Series of subcompact 4WD diesel tractors comprises the BX1880, BX2380, BX2680 and BX23S, which leads the subcompact tractor class as a standard-equipped loader-backhoe unit. The BX80-Series’ four tractor models range in power from 16.6 hp to 24.8 hp. The BX80-Series maintains owner-friendly versatility with attachments and implements for any job, including mid-mount mower decks, Swift-Tach front loaders, front- and rear-mounted snowblowers, and a full line of Land Pride implements. ROPS raises and lowers to clear garage doors.
Kubota Tractor Corporation • 888-458-2682 •


KIOTI’s CS Series subcompact tractors are designed to combine performance, maintainability, and utility. Outfitted with a three-cylinder diesel engine in either 21.1 or 24.5 hp, they are powerful and fuel-thrifty. The power steering, illuminated instrument panel, and ergonomically designed workstation add to operator convenience. Standard mid- and rear-PTO, and a three-point hitch accommodate a variety of implements and attachments. The CS Series’ safety features include wet disc brakes, an adjustable seat belt and headlights. Low hood design improves operator visibility, and opens vertically for easy maintenance.
KIOTI Tractor Div. DAEDONG - USA, INC • 877-465-4684 •


With both rear- and mid-mount PTOs that can be operated simultaneously, Massey Ferguson GC1700 Series tractors tackle many jobs including mowing, snow removal, loader, and backhoe work. All tractors in this series offer 4WD, high hydraulic flow rates for fast loader response, two-range hydrostatic transmission, and a proven Iseki 1.1 liter 3-cylinder diesel engine. You can option tractor only, tractor with loader, or a tractor backhoe combination with unique, efficiency-leading features.
AGCO Corporation • 770-813-9200 •

If you are anxious about tractor ownership, New Holland’s WORKMASTER 25S sub-compact tractor is an ideal “first step” tractor for homeowners who need a hard-working, versatile small tractor. The WORKMASTER 25S has a fuel-efficient, three-cylinder diesel engine, two-range hydrostatic transmission, and ideally-placed, simple-to-master controls for yardwork, landscaping, gardening. Its compact size makes it easy to operate and maneuver around obstacles and in confined spaces. WORKMASTER also has loader, backhoe, mower and combination models available.
CNH Industrial LLC • 866-639-4563 •


Yanmar has a worldwide reputation for producing small, top-quality tractors, and the 24-hp SA424 fits right in. Features include a hydrostatic transmission with dual pedals for simplified operation, one-touch on/off, electro-hydraulic, independent rear PTO, dual hydraulic pumps, and a quick-attach front-end loader with lift capacity of 1,199 pounds.
Yanmar America Corporation • 770-877-9894 •


Steiner took a look at how homeowners use their small tractors and created this model in the mold of their successful, highly maneuverable turf care equipment. The new 25-hp air-cooled Steiner 450DX is an all-around workhorse for homeowners who mow, blow, plow, or dig. Steiner’s unique oscillating frame and articulated power steering give true four-wheel traction, and ability to work on slopes up to 30 degrees when equipped with optional dual tires. More than 20 professional-grade attachments give the 450DX surprising versatility.
Schiller Grounds Care

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