Power Through Winter’s Kiss snowplows can save the day

Power Through Winter’s Kiss snowplows can save the day
Power Through Winter’s Kiss snowplows can save the day

There’s a saying that goes like this: Snowflakes are kisses from heaven.
In a few short months, you better pucker up, baby, because winter’s coming! And the worse it gets, the more you need a snowplow to power your way through all those kisses, or, snowdrifts.

The good news is that using snowplows is easier than ever before. Manufacturers have spent their summer months refining designs and coming up with new ideas to get you through the winter snows.
So before winter blesses you with many kisses, check out these notable examples.
MEYER Model 26000 HomePlow
The HomePlow is designed for homeowners and quickly attaches to your SUV or light pickup using a class-3, 2” front receiver hitch (sold separately). Available in several models, this full-powered HomePlow Model 26000 uses a hydraulic lift and wired controller to operate just like a conventional commercial plow for all up/down, left/right blade movements. The HomePlow comes pre-assembled in a crate, has integrated wheels for easy on/off and storage, and even offers plow markers to help locate blade edges.
Meyer Products, LLC
216-486-1313 thehomeplow.com

SNO-WAY 26V Model
The 26V is the top of the line in V-plow technology. The unique Ground Hugger blade design keeps the plow on the ground to clean more snow. To enhance clearing, Sno-Way invented the patented MaxADJUST Leveling System that allows the operator to adjust the center hinge for perfect plowing alignment and eliminate a snow trail. With the Down Pressure Hydraulic System as standard equipment, this plow will save time. Many V-plows are infamous for having obstacle tripping difficulty, this model uses their patented Shock Killer Trip Return System to reduce blade return shock to the truck and the driver.
Sno-Way International
(262) 673-7200 snoway.com

Get more use out of your utility vehicle with the FISHER TRAILBLAZER line of UTV plows. The professional-grade TRAILBLAZER UTV V-plow and straight blade are engineered to fit a wide variety of UTVs and to handle the same demands as commercial plows. Constructed from high-strength, low-alloy steel components, both models feature an easy-on/easy-off UTV mounting system and removable receiver brackets for exceptional ground clearance. TRAILBLAZER UTV plows feature Scrape Lock for clean scraping and back dragging.
Fisher Engineering
207-701-4200 wfisherplows.com

Got a half-ton truck? BOSS HTX plows feature the same power and performance as full-size BOSS plows, but are built specifically for half-ton trucks. HTX plows offer strong, durable push frames and quadrants to clean up driveways, camp roads, and trails quickly and efficiently. A variety of blade materials are available, and BOSS’ Smartlock cylinders lock blades in place for effortless backdragging. With BOSS’ full moldboard trip design, the entire blade trips forward when obstacles are encountered, protecting the truck and plow from damage.
Boss Products
800-286-4155 bossplow.com

The unique C-Plow unites conventional plowing with efficient backdrag plowing in a single design. The C-Plow operates as a conventional plow in the forward plowing mode, with the normal hydraulic angling and spring-trip moldboard functions. For backdragging, the upper 3/4 of the high-density polyethylene moldboard hydraulically folds over, creating a rear-facing backdrag blade. A second cutting edge fastened to the top of the moldboard becomes the contact point with the ground surface. Each half of the trip-edge works independently of the other, reducing stress on the plow in forward mode.
Hiniker Company 507-625-6621 hiniker.com

Get full size plowing power from your half ton truck, SUV, or Jeep. These newly revamped models—in straight or V-plow design— feature a brand new RapidLink Attachment System with a hydraulically operated jack switch that lets you adjust mounting height on the fly to quickly line up your plow and vehicle. Grade 50 steel frames, a floating A-frame, and a municipal-style chain lift provide strength and value. Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel blades, poly deflectors, and easy grip handheld controllers all come standard on both straight and V-plows.
Buyers Products Company
440-299-5428 buyersproducts.com

Your UTV is versatile, and so should a snowplow blade for it. Measuring a full six feet wide, the plow blade angles to five feet wide to fit through gates and clear most sidewalks. Light in weight yet heavy duty in construction, the plow is made of high-strength, low-alloy steel components that are stronger and lighter than regular steel. Choice of either hand-held or compact joystick control. UTV V-Plow accessories include wing extensions, shoe assemblies, and deflector kits.
Snowex Products
248-586-3500 snowexproducts.com

WESTERN Steel-Edge PILE DRIVER Pusher Plow
With the new PILE DRIVER pusher plows, you can scrape, push, and stack snow in one pass. The special steel trip-edge design provides a cleaner scrape while protecting you and your equipment, and the steel cutting edge is center punched, resulting in an improved service life. These pushers quickly and easily attach to skid-steers, backhoes, wheel loaders, and tractors requiring only the use of interchangeable attachment plates.
Western Products 414-716-3300 westernplows.com

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