Home Sweet Poultry Home

Home Sweet Poultry Home
Home Sweet Poultry Home

Don’t your chickens deserve a well-made home?

Whether you have just a few hens as pets or several for the eggs they produce—or even a few meat birds—it pays to have your poultry housed somewhere that is safe for them and convenient for you.

Sure, you can D-I-Y it and it’s possible that it won’t be an eyesore…but when you take a look at some of the attractive and clever coops available today, it’s clear that someone with an eye toward design (or even engineering!) can do a better job.

Your chickens will thank you for it.

Carolina Coops

“If you can dream it, we can build it,” says Carolina Coops. This signature chicken coop is the manufacturer’s most customizable, with a 10’x30’ overall footprint with a 6’x10’ henhouse and is 8-foot high at its peak. The large walk-in coop was made with 4x4 mortise and tenon joinery for the framing, giving it a substantial look. It has a cupola, automatic chicken run door, two 5-gang egg hutches with removable dividers, and a heated poultry water system with gutters. The Carolina Coop comes standard with board and batten siding. All our coops are constructed with premium lumber, are predator proof, have our signature deep litter beds, and are built to last a lifetime.

Carolina Coops



Roost & Root

The Round-Top Chicken Loft offers unbeatable quality and convenience to provide an unbeatable chicken-keeping experience. Its A-frame shape allows generous space for up to 10 hens and its modular design makes for fast assembly. Handcrafted from 100% cedar and heavy-duty 16-gauge galvanized predator-proof welded wire. Optional integrated EZ-Fill Feeders and EZ-Fill Waterer allow for easy outside feeding and watering. Additionally, as with all Roost & Root coop models, snow/storm panels come optional for extra cold weather protection. The Round-Top Chicken Loft is one of six popular coops handcrafted by Roost & Root’s outdoor family-owned workshop in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Roost & Root



Cutest Coops

The founder of Cutest Coops is no stranger to an acreage lifestyle, but when she fell in love with being a chicken keeper, she couldn’t find a coop that was easy to clean, easy on the eyes, predator-proof, or tall enough to stand in…let alone all of these! The lack of high-quality options available at the time is what led to the beginning of Cutest Coops, now a nationwide provider of customizable chicken coops. Sizes and styles range from beautifully housing just a few birds, to a combination she-shed coop where you and the chickens can enjoy life together.

Cutest Coops, LLC



Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops

Providing both a coop and chicken run area, one of Rita Marie’s best-selling models is the 7x20 Quaker Coop-and-Run Combo. It features a 7’x6’ hen house with a 7’x14’ walk-in run, with a total of 20 feet of covered run length. Not only is it a classic aesthetic, but it is also a predator-proof coop. If you love the lock-and-leave lifestyle, this coop and run combination is an all-inclusive environment for the birds to thrive in—even when you’re not around to keep an eye on them. Rita Marie’s coops are built with top-quality housing materials for long life and offer some of the fastest delivery times in the business.

Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops



Dakota Storage

A regional manufacturer, Dakota Storage believes choosing a coop is a matter of safety and preference—you can let your chickens range freely while providing them access to a coop for shelter, resting, and egg-laying. Or, if predators are a problem or city ordinances prevent you from allowing your chickens to free-range, an enclosed coop would be better. Dakota Storage’s premium, warranty-backed enclosed and free-range chicken coops are available in 6’ x 10’, 6’ x 12’ and 8’ x 12’ sizes. Available in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, western Wisconsin, northeast Nebraska, and north-central Iowa.

Dakota Storage Buildings



Horizon Structures

Whether you keep two or three birds or a flock of 40, Horizon Structures’ all wood, Amish-made chicken coops arrive at your door fully assembled and ready for immediate use. There are several styles to choose from, in a wide range of sizes, including built-in covered runs. Designed to be “chicken friendly,” all coops are built-to-order with many upgrades, options, and customizations available. Coops are made from high quality materials to withstand the elements for many years. Stock models are available for faster delivery to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Horizon Structures LLC



The Hen House Collection

For 15 years, the Hen House Collection has been serving customers all over the country with Amish craftsmanship and attention to detail in every coop. Happy and secure, your chickens can live out their days in a coop like this. This 7x16 combination chicken coop is one of the company’s most popular models. Features include board-and-batten siding, a spacious run for your chickens, six nesting boxes, charcoal shingles, epoxy flooring, an electrical package, and wire-covered windows. The flooring makes it easy to clean, and the attached chicken run provides a safe place for your chickens to be outside.

The Hen House Collection



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