Compact Tractors can mean big utility around the acreage

Compact Tractors can mean big utility around the acreage
Compact Tractors can mean big utility around the acreage

Compared with your grandpa’s “full-size” utility tractors, today’s compact tractors do more, do it longer, and with more comfort. Bearing a smaller footprint—and price tag—than full-size counterparts, compact tractors have rightfully been a bright spot in the ag equipment industry for some time now. Sales of tractors with around 40 hp have continued to rise year-after-year, while larger equipment sales have been more, er…challenging for manufacturers.
Across the industry, you have choices of open or climate-controlled cabs, two wheel- or mechanical front wheel drive, high-flow hydraulics, buckets and other accessories, along with needed PTOs and 3-point hitches. With the combination of hardworking, heavy-duty utility and less out-of-pocket, it’s no wonder that farms and acreages now depend on this size of utility tractor to accomplish what needs to be done.

1700E Series
Massey Ferguson’s workhorse 1700E series comprise three 4WD models ranging from range from 25 to 38.5 hp. All feature an open station operator platform with handy-to-reach mechanical controls for most functions. Power is from three-cylinder fuel-injected diesel engines with electronic engine management; transmission choice is a mechanical 9x3 transmission (great for mowing and hauling) or a 3-range hydrostatic (HST) transmission (ideal for loader work). Hydrostatic power steering, an open center high-flow-rate hydraulic system and rear 3-point hitch for rear implement needs are standard.
AGCO Corporation

Emphasizing increased capability and optimal comfort, the John Deere 3046R is designed to make long work days more productive. Equipped with comfort features such as folding armrests, a 15-degree swivel seat, an adjustable steering wheel, and an optional climate-controlled cab, this machine has features designed to help tackle every item on your acreage checklist. The 45.3-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine has been tested over thousands of hours, under heavy loads, and even at -28 degrees F. for consistent, reliable performance.
Deere & Company

3DK10SE Series
Kioti’s DK10SE Series combines power with eco-friendly performance. Ranging in power from 40 to 58 hp, each comes standard with a Daedong Common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDI) that offers excellent fuel efficiency and low noise levels. The heavy-duty HST drives deliver additional power and efficiency, while the three-range transmission—offering Hi/Mid/Low settings—with twin pedal operation makes the operator’s life easy, efficient and safe. Factory-installed cabs with air conditioning and heat can be found on several models, while ROPS models are designed for easy egress with open-air operation.

Standard L Series
Kubota’s Standard L Series combination of power and performance makes this feature-packed compact tractor perfect for small property owners. Kubota’s reputation of providing high performance, durability, easy operation, and operator comfort now feature a revamped design with smooth, rounded contours. Better visibility from front to rear that improve visibility so you can get the job done easier and faster. Kubota’s “Performance Matched” front loaders and backhoes tare designed from the outset to simplify tough tasks.
Kubota Tractor

Workmaster series
Workmaster 35 and 40 tractors are rated at 35 to 40 hp, with turbocharged, three-cylinder engines that operate quietly, with improved power and torque. Engine Speed Management enables constant engine speed maintenance during PTO operations and allows for the engine speed to be set and returned to the setting with the touch of a button. Unsurpassed visibility in all directions and the comfort of a deluxe suspension seat make long days more comfortable. The Workmaster 35 and 40 models have clear sightlines, easy-to-master controls, and a compact footprint.
CNH Industrial

Yanmar’s YT347 tractors are designed to make work easier for people of all skill levels. The YT347 includes an auto throttle that enables you to control engine and travel speed with the accelerator/drive pedal. This makes operating the tractor like driving a car or truck with an automatic transmission. A unique “A/B Mode” can preset your maximum travel speed, while an anti-stall feature keeps your engine running when you dig or lift a heavy load. And there’s even a cruise control, too.

Yanmar America Corporation

3650 Series
Mahindra has built their worldwide reputation on tough, small-footprint tractors. The 3650 4WD is a workhorse with best-in-class loader lift capacity of 2,700 pounds and more built-in weight-per-horsepower in the category, Mahindra says. Powered by a durable high-torque, low-rpm 49 hp diesel engine, it is available with a cab, hydrostatic or power shuttle transmission, and includes a deluxe suspension seat with back angle and weight adjustment.
Mahindra USA

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