Autumn’s Outdoor Activities

Autumn’s Outdoor Activities
Autumn’s Outdoor Activities

Fall cleanup: Last chance to improve your yard

It’s never easy to keep things neat and tidy around the acreage. All summer, we had mowing and maybe some storm cleanup. Now that it’s fall, with trees shedding their leaves, it’s the 9th inning of the annual seasonal game.

Yes, there will be a lot of work—and possibly sore musclesÍ—but with these winter prep and cleanup tools, your yard can be ready for several weeks of looking good.



Pro Max 450

The DR PRO MAX 450 tows behind your riding mower and collects up to 450 gallons of leaves and lawn debris. It’s the highest capacity non-commercial leaf vac on the market. A powered actuator lets you unload with the push of a button. The underlying flatbed can accommodate up to1.100 pounds.

DR Power Equipment



27” Lawn Vac

This versatile vac has variable height adjustment for hard surface or turf work. Sturdy 12” tires on the push unit and rear wheel drive on the self-propelled unit make operation simple even on hilly terrain. Optimized nozzle improves suction and debris flow and handles hedge clippings with ease. Handle folds for off-season storage. Push or self-propelled model available.

BILLLY GOAT, Briggs & Stratton, LLC




The SPS-10 is a 3-in-1 small property solution designed to blow leaves, collect leaves in municipal or onboard fabric bags, and easily collect debris from hard-to-reach places. With 4 pneumatic wheels it tackles all terrain types and for easy transit over a variety of terrain and the adjustable handlebars will ensure a great fit. Easily switch from blowing leaves to collecting leaves in less than 5 minutes, and when you’re done it folds away for easy storage.

Woodland Power Products




The Mighty Mac Vacuum-Chipper-Bagger makes leaf clean up a breeze. With the VCB you no longer need to rake, pile, haul, or bag leaves. The VCB picks up leaves, reduces their size, and deposits them into the 4 bushel, low dust, felt collection bag. Dual zipper tabs on three sides of the collection bag make for effortless dumping without having to remove the bag. Three forward speeds and reverse, plus six vac snout height settings, allow for the perfect combination of speed and height for your specific needs. The top loading bag allows for maximum leaf collection and fewer stops to unload. This machine can also chip branches up to 2” through the separate chipper tube. An optional hose kit is available for hard to reach places.

MacKissic Inc.



854 PTO

The 854 PTO unit accommodates front or mid-driven mowers on compact tractors with a minimum of 13.5 hp at the rear PTO. The 854 blower assembly is supported by stabilizer arms on the three-point hitch. Features include a 2-to-1 gear box coupled to the turbine speed of approximately 3800 RPM. The 50 cubic feet cart and cover are made to last, using top quality 20-gauge steel and are powder coated. Trac Vac’s large line up of leaf vacs include PTO/trailer, front mount, dump from seat and hitch mount trailer or trash cans.

Trac Vac





The Mighty Mac WC375 is a 3-3/4” capacity wood chipper powered by a Briggs & Stratton XR1150 Professional Series engine. The WC375 comes standard with a pull handle and flat-free tires for easy maneuverability around the worksite. The tool steel chipping knife and heavy flywheel turn branches into wood chips quickly and easily.

The optional Yard Tow Kit is easily attached to the frame of the WC375 and can then be easily towed around your property with a lawn & garden tractor or an ATV/UTV.

MacKissic Inc.




Warrior 30” wood splitter

Put your skid steer hydraulics to work! The TM Warrior 30" is available with a 2 stage single split wedge and/or a four-way wedge. With a fast cycle time, the Warrior is ideal for splitting your wood into smaller pieces. You can remove the single split wedge and replace with the four-way wedge to split the big rounds. This model is made for splitting logs small enough for a fireplace or indoor wood stove. Also available as a 24” model.

TM Manufacturing




LX25 Hobby Sawmill

Start sawing your own lumber to build fences, outbuildings, and more with the Wood-Mizer LX25 hobby sawmill! Starting at $4,095 and built in the U.S., the LX25 portable sawmill features a 7 hp or 9.5 hp gas engine, 26” log diameter, 22” max width of cut, 12' 5”+ log length, and everything you need to start sawing your own logs into lumber. Financing available! Prices and specifications are subject to change.

Wood-Mizer, LLC


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