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Full-on Fall:   Welcome to the October issue of AcreageLife. While this month’s theme is “Fall Clean Up,” we thought we’d step outside of the box a bit and bring a little more fun this issue.Sure, there’s plenty of useful information on getting ready for fall, like a look at keeping unwanted guests—aka, mice—out of your buildings as the weather turns cooler, some chicken-specific tips to keep rodents out of the coop, and some insights on prepping the livestock and equipment on your small-scale farming operation for winter.But along with the expert advice on training your young horse and some award winning pie recipes in advance of the holidays, we have a special seasonal treat: A look at haunted places throughout America’s Heartland.We’re really excited by this nod to Halloween. In the constant push to move Thanksgiving and the subsequent holiday shopping season ever forward, Halloween seems to be getting short shrift lately, and that’s a real shame.Tied into the harvest season and ancient European cultures, Halloween brings plenty of warm and fuzzy memories to those of us who remember going out with a group of...
Welcome to the September issue of AcreageLife magazine, our Fall Recreation Guide. Enjoy this month's featured articles and videos .... Food Goes Native - What's fresh and when?, a look at our local foods movement; Getting Back On - Bicycling in the Country; Garden & Landscape - Compost Bin Basics; Country Kitchen - Preparing Wild Game; Monthly Features and Advice from Buck's Horn Barn, The Chicken Whisperer and FarmHer. UTV Showcase - we share with our readers 9 UTVs for your acreage.
Welcome to the August issue of AcreageLife magazine. As August arrives, we often get our first chance to take a breather while straddling the busy part of early-summer and the rash of fall activities just around the corner.Not to sound too “continental,” but I can’t say I disagree with the European tradition of using August rather than July as the vacation month of choice. August has an ease that July misses. Maybe it’s because July is full of obligations: Class reunions, big family get-togethers, mad-dash family vacations, and six different fireworks displays to see over the Fourth of July weekend.August, on the other hand, seems to take its time. Kids slow down and almost savor the last few weeks before school starts at the end—and increasingly in the middle—of the month. The air, while still plenty warm, feels just a touch crisper, and the wind carries just the slightest hint of the cooler weather that will follow.And here in the Midwest, August is when the corn and beans start looking like, well, honest-to-goodness corn and beans. I don’t know about you, but it just doesn’t feel right to me until the corn is at least as tall as I...
The Summer Getaways Issue of AcreageLife is here!This issue brings you: 
  • Vacationing in America’s National Parks
  • Unique livestock beyond alpaca and goats
  • Outdoor kitchen ideas
  • A 40V electric trimmer review
  • And a look at personal watercraft
 This month’s contributors include:
  • A FarmHer profile of women in farming
  • Growing hops in the Weekend Farmer
  • Expert avian advice from The Chicken Whisperer
  • More foal training tips from Buck’s Horse Barn 
All of this and more are just a click away!