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The latest edition of AcreageLife is now ready to read!  You’ll find timely articles on:
  • Planting trees for windbreaks and shade zones to save money winter and summer
  • The latest edibles for your garden, from A to Z(ucchini)
  • How to grow delicious—and profitable—shiitake mushrooms
  • Feeding spices like turmeric, garlic, and curcumin to your chickens
  • The latest hardworking compact tractors
  • A FarmHer who’s helping the homeless, one tomato at a time
Additional articles include:
  • A restored 1947 Massey-Harris Pony
  • Understanding if your horse’s saddle fits
  • A look at Miniature Jersey cattle
  • And a festive cocktail recipe using spring’s favorite fruit, the strawberry
AcreageLife's "SPRING FEVER ISSUE" Issue is ready!Inside you'll find:
  • Adding ducks, geese, or other unique birds to your backyard flocks
  • Fighting spring allergies the natural way
  • Changing your outdoor lighting with LEDs
  • A 1948 McCormick-Deering Farmall MVanditsjourney north
  • Thelatestsub-compactors for 2017
This month's contributors include:
  • Understandingthe importance of your dirt
  • Spring equine vaccination tips
  • Choosing the right chicken breed for your flock
  • A new kitten primer
  • An heirloom tomato grower who’s also a sales manager
  • And a mini-frittatarecipe perfect forspring brunches
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AcreageLife's "SPRING PLANNING ISSUE" Issue is ready!  Inside you'll find:
  • How a young family is changing rare chicken breeds into gold
  • Ordering high-quality garden plants via the Internet
  • Essential oils and how to use them in your home
  • A 1949 Allis Chalmers WF that almost got away
  • The latest ZTR mowers for 2017
This month's contributors include:
  • Figuring out whether to buy, lease, or rent needed farm equipment
  • Tips on getting your horse's tack clean
  • Why backyard chickens don't make good household pets
  • Eight fun facts about sheep
  • A college senior with her sights on agriculture
  • And a spring salad recipe so good, you won't want to wait for spring
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AcreageLife’s "WINTER FIXIT" IssueInside you’ll find:
  • Fixing yourself with herbs and botanicals
  • Getting started on a vehicle restoration project
  • A 1927 Fordson tractor fixed up by the original owner’s great-great grandsons
  • The latest hobby greenhouses and tips on how to choose
This month’s contributors include:
  • Starting plants now for spring
  • How to select a riding instructor
  • Avoiding medication residues in your backyard flock
  • A look at America’s Number One dog
  • Hitting a home run from a recipe disaster
  • And a FarmHer active in the cattle industry
All of this and more is just one click away!Thanks,The AcreageLife Team