SummerSizzle Contest 2014

Published on Fri, 06/20/2014 - 9:45am

Turn up the heat on summer—and on your grill! Is your brisket the best? Are your smoked ribs the talk of the town? Have a great tip for tri-tip? If so, share your masterpiece with us and you could win a Big Green Egg® Package consisting of Large Big Green  Egg, Nest™, Organic Lump Charcoal, Charcoal Starters and Grilling Tools—everything you need to get started. Retail Value $1065.75

How to enter:

  • Click on the "Submit Your Photo" icon below to register for the contest
  • Upload a picture of your masterpieceIn 50 words or less, share your recipe or grilling tip.
  • Tell your friends, and cast your vote for your favorite recipe!


Enter before Midnight, August 1st.

Total submissions: 49
Total votes: 4785

A Winner Has Been Decided!

Contest Winner Scott Clark 403 votes! (Contest closed Aug. 1 midnight)

Marinate and inject wings in soy sauce and apple juice, put in fridge overnight. Grill at 200 for 2 hours, dipping wings in a mixture of vinegar and saltwater every 20 minutes. Last 15 minutes brush on BBQ sauce and turn up to 350. Perfect for meal or appetizer!!